My research experience and interests include many broad substantive topics within the field of political economy of development, such as:

  • Rule of law and regulatory capacities, implementation, and compliance
  • Local governance and quality of governance
  • Corruption and anti-corruption strategies in government and the public sector
  • Public goods outcomes
  • Decentralization consequences and outcomes

I am also a knowledgeable methodologist with over two and a half years of fieldwork experience in developing and less-than-democratic countries. I am proficient in R, Stata, SPSS, arcGIS, and AtlasTI. My methodological expertise and interests include:

  • Research design

    Click the image to expand. This figure illustrates the level of social spending (as a % of GDP) in eight non-democracies over time from 1972-2010, with gaps indicating missing data. Each plot also notes important leaders (typically autocrats) or the dominant single-party and the years of their rule. The author collected, coded all of the data, and then used R to visualize the data comparatively.

  • Survey development and data analysis
  • Cross-national, sub-national, [and] time series data collection, coding, and analysis
  • Data visualization
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups

I have in-country fieldwork experience and/or in-depth knowledge and research or data analysis experience for the following countries:

  • Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh
  • Latin America: Honduras, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil
  • Africa: Sierra Leone

Read more about my doctoral dissertation research here.