Services & Products

Quantitative Anaylsis 

Jennifer Noveck is a knowledgeable methodologist with over two and a half years of fieldwork experience in developing and less-than-democratic countries. She is proficient in R, Stata, SPSS, arcGIS, and AtlasTI. Her methodological expertise and interests include:

  • Research Design
  • Survey development and data analysis
  • Cross-national, sub-national, [and] time series data collection, coding, and analysis
  • Data visualization
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus Groups

Qualitative Analyses

  • Topics: expertise is in social sciences (anthropology, history, sociology, and political science) but open to working on a variety of subjects
  • Products available
    • Qualitative data analyses using NVivo or Atlas.ti
    • Survey development, focus groups, interviews, data collection and creation

Market and Industry Analyses 

Noveck provides business clients with up-to-date industry information in order to aid investors, organizations or research initiatives on trends within the industry, impacts of political events and other key market characteristics.

  • Real Estate
  • Beer and Wine
  • Alternative Energy Resources
  • Telecommunications

We also have an array of experts and colleagues who can contribute to reports and analyses on the following topics listed below:

  • Trade
  • Emergence of social movements
  • Chinese education
  • International education
  • Chinese auto industry
  • Chinese consumerism